Saturday, June 25, 2011

Almost July

Here we are, 25 days into June and the temps are doing nothing but going up. With that comes all the humidity. If you are not familiar with Arkansas, we have a large agricutural area of rice fields here. Rice fields are flooded to help the rice grow. With the floodwater comes the humidity and mosquitoes. But, we chose to come here so, we shall tough it out and overcome.

Went out for our group run today. The Muckas Running Club started off just after 7:00 am with five members. Several of our regular runners are recovering from minor injuries, or were unable to attend due to prior commitments. Deb and I ran together, which was really nice. Normally, she runs with Sherry and they really enjoy their run. Sherry was MIA today due to a muscle strain in her leg. Mark and Jody ran together for the first couple miles, then split up. Rhonda, who was making her first appearance with the Muckas, hit the track for her "Couch to 5K" routine. Really glad she made it out. Hoping she continues to come. Holly was stuck at home since Ethan had to go into work early this morning. She has her treadmill though and ran in spirit with the Muckas.

Well, it was 77 degrees and 79% humidity. The humidity is really taking its toll on our runners. I know Deb and I were sweating like crazy during this run. We finished our 3.5 miles together, then I took off for another 1.7 miles back to the house. Next scheduled run is tomorrow and consists of 18 miles. Gotta get out there early and get hydrated tonight. My plan is to try and stick to the neighborhoods where there are many shade trees. Once I get out on Highway 1, I lose that cover and get that exposure to the sun. That's where I struggle. Gotta run smarter, not harder.

We are now 70 days out from running Tupelo. So looking forward to this race. Gonna enjoy the weekend away. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Happy running and stay safe.

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