Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ok, my buddy Barrett has me talked into running the Andrew Jackson Marathon, in Jackson, TN, with him in April. I'm redirecting my goal from running 50 marathons in 50 states (Not giving up on it) to running 50 marathons before my 51st birthday. My plans are to run the local circuit to help me achieve that goal. This consists of the MidSouth marathon here in Wynne, St Jude's marathon in Memphis, Tupelo marathon in Tupelo, MS, and repeat. Little Rock is an option but, Barrett and I have committed to running the relay with our fellow Muckas and continue to defend our first place title in the Law Enforcement/Military division.

My goal for the Andrew Jackson marathon is to come in under 3 hrs and 50 minutes. Keep chipping away, little by little, at that Boston Qualifying time. I have noticed one thing. My marathon times continue to go down. However, my half marathon times have gone up. I'm still under 1 hr and 50 minutes on them but, just barely. Guess I need to learn to do more speed work.

Colder weather coming, makes for better running. Everyone enjoy your runs and stay warm! :)

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