Sunday, November 7, 2010

MidSouth Kid's Marathon

This was really cool. They had a Kid's Marathon this year. Each child who takes part, builds up 25 miles leading up to this day. Then, they run the last 1.2 miles and finish in the football stadium. The same finish line the adults come into when they finish the half and full. Our youngest, Amy, took part in this. She wasn't feeling the greatest, as she had just received her flu shot the day before. But, she toughed it out, with Deb by her side. Like I mentioned in my other post, it was about 29 degrees when we all started. Off they went and she was doing great. Poor girl, her shoe came out of a double knot and tripped her up. But, she got up and finished strong. So very proud of her for doing this. Especially in this day and age of video games. She got her medal and it was well deserved. GREAT JOB AMY!!! :)

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