Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Ok, this wind is getting ridiculous. Almost a week straight of high winds. Hoping it dies down a bit on Thanksgiving so I can get a decent run in. I figure, if I can get in a good run before dinner, I can justify the kind of meal I plan on having. I haven't run since Sunday. I know I'm in taper mode but, I think I really need to quit being lazy. Once I complete St. Jude's, that will give me six marathons (one being an ultra) in my quest for 50. I know, long way to go but, at least I'm on my way. St. Jude's will also qualify me for the Marathon Maniacs club as well. Would love to follow St. Jude's up with either the Mississippi Blues Marathon in Jackson, MS (Jan), or the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, AL (Feb). Guess we'll see. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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