Saturday, March 12, 2011

After the Rock

I have had two runs since running Little Rock. Suprisingly, I'm feeling pretty good. Went for a run this morning with Deb. She's always great at helping me loosen up. Normally, she takes it easy on me but, today she wanted to run a little faster. First mile was in the mid 9s. After that, she was in the high 8s. And all this with 12 - 16 mph winds. The weather was very nice today. 58 degrees at the start of our run. But, like I mentioned, there was some windy parts of the course.

Ok, I'm on a mission. Looking at the pictures from the Little Rock Marathon, I realized just how much weight I've gained. I've let my core fitness completely go. Gonna change that. Current weight was around 192. I have a goal of 180 pounds before I run the Jonesboro Marathon on May 28. Gonna get that core back into shape. P90X will be my new hated friend.

Looking forward to another great race with all my Mucka friends. Hoping a couple of them will join me for the full marathon. Since there is no half at this race, many of them are doing the relay. Either way, I get to run with friends. Looking forward to it.

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