Friday, March 18, 2011

Miles Upon Miles

Well folks, you all are starting to get what you've been asking for. The temps are starting to heat up. Yet, the miles continue to add up. I am less than 150 miles from breaking the 5000 mile mark. Everytime I hit the next 1000 miles, I get re-energized and excited about going even further. Kind of like running a marathon. Everytime I finish, completey exhausted, swearing I won't do this again, I start wondering what my next race will be. I guess it is an addiction. Guess there are worse things to be addicted to. :)

We have our first Muckas run of the Spring. Really looking forward to getting our group going again. Hoping more of them will continue to run with us throughout the year. Always more fun when you have someone to run with. I know I thoroughly enjoy my runs with Deb. She really helps keep me motivated in some of these trying times.

My next race is scheduled for May 28 in Jonesboro, AR. Another marathon with hills. The nice thing about this race is, it is the inaugural race. That means we are the first. Looking forward to this!! Several Muckas and I are running in it. Some in the relay, which is a lot of fun.

Ok, it's heating up, stay hydrated my friends. Til next time.

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