Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dreary Day

I swear, Mother Nature needs to make up her mind. I thought all this crappy weather was getting behind us. Guess I was wrong. Waiting until 4:00 pm to come along so I can get my "after work" therapy done. I know I said I hate running after work but, it beats not doing it at all. And lately, stress relief has been the order after work. Thankfully, the treadmill at work is working and usually not in demand. With that being said, I can get in there and knock out my run pretty quickly. Looking to do a 7-miler today. Been out playing in the rain with our DCT boys (and one girl) today. Figured I'd come inside and get some other work done and dry off for a bit before I take on my run.

Still up in the air about this marathon in Jonesboro in May. Doesn't appear that folks are siging up for it. Hopefully they're all not doing what I'm doing and waiting to see if folks sign up. That would be kind of screwed up. All of us waiting to see what happens and then no one signs up. Doh!! :) I think I'll give it another month and see where it's at. I'll continue on with my training. That way I know I'm ready. I am continuing my maintenance program but, all that means is I was already at marathon level. Now I'm just maintaining that status.

Well, until next time, happy running everyone.

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