Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heating Up

Wow is it ever getting warm and humid. Not to mention there are no signs of the wind letting up anytime soon. It's been at a consistent 16 mph lately. Makes an outdoor run seem so much harder. But, with our upcoming race in Jonesboro, you have to be prepared for this type of weather. The thermometer hit at least 84 today. Humidity was up as well with the incoming storms. Yes, we are under another tornado watch until 2am.

After speaking with Kevin, who was considering making this his first full marathon, he came to the conclusion that he was going to put a relay team together for this race. Which is nice because it will bring more Muckas into the race. This race only has a full, relay and 5K. A lot of our running group are used to running the half. So, the relay allows for more Muckas.

My training for this race is going well so far. My legs are tired but, not tired like they were when going through my multiple race series at the end of last year. I am hitting between 30 and 40 miles a week. And this week I will surpass 5000 miles since Jan 1, 2007. Really excited about that.

Well, happy running everyone. Stay hydrated and injury free. :)

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