Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weather Alert

Well, I think three days in a row is enough of dealing with the bad weather. The tornados, severe thunderstorms, high winds and flooding is enough. Some of our smaller towns, here in Arkansas, were completely devastated by the storms. Vilonia, Arkansas was completely wiped out. Rumors are, the path of destruction was 3-miles wide and 15-miles long. The levee in Pocahontas, Arkansas broke and they are flooding as we speak. Memphis is getting hammered, and suffering flooding. Northern Mississippi has been hit hard as well. Reports of flooding, deaths and other devastation continues to come in. As I said in a previous post, not sure what we did to upset Mother Nature but, WE ARE SORRY ALREADY!! Please back off.

With all that being said, we all continue on. Right now the winds are pounding our area. The temps have dropped. But, our family is safe inside our home, carrying on with our daily routine. We continue to train for upcoming events, races, etc, while others are trying to pick up the pieces and regain a normal life. Those that lost loved ones will have a longer, more complicated time recovering.

As you carry on with your daily life, please take a moment and remember those who are struggling thru these rough times here in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. As I continue to train for the Jonesboro Marathon, I will keep them in mind, and dedicate this race to the memory of those lost in these tragic storms.

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