Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I don't know why Mother Nature is mad at Arkansas but, we give. We're sorry!! Please let up!

Kevin and I set out for a run in some light rain today. That rain steadily got heavier. At about 1.4 miles into it, lightning started flashing in the area. We took it inside, as we didn't travel to far from the training center just in case. As we went inside, we were told that our area was undr a tornado warning. Well, call it commitment. Call it lack of common sense. We jumped on the treadmills to finish our run. As we were running, the storm intensified. Rain and hail started pounding the area. Well, at this point, I'm not going to try and beat the storm. Might as well finish my run as we ride out the storm. I knocked out a total of 7 miles all together. So, I am pleased with that. Come to find out, a tornado passed just South of us.

The run in the rain was cool. The lightning and tornado are not the idea conditions. But, we got it done. I just hope Mother Nature is done with her abuse of our area. The damage and flooding are out of control. Stay safe everyone.

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