Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Just signed up for the inaugural Jonesboro Marathon in May. Really hoping this race does well as it will provide another race within driving distance, as well as allow more Muckas to run together. We have 53 days until race day. Guess I need to get serious about my training again. :) I've been off the last three days. Sunday was a rest day but, I went out and cut the grass. Unfortunately, during that time, something bit me. Looking like it was a brown recluse from what the doctors are saying. Even so, they aren't completely sure. So, I'm on some meds now in hopes to catch it before it gets out of control. So, I will most likely be treadmill bound for about a week until the medication is all consumed and this clears up. Don't want to be out on the road by myself and fall out. That wouldn't be good.

Oh well, still really excited about Jonesboro. Got one of our Muckas looking to make this his first full marathon as well. At least I'll have a running partner. :) Hope everyone's day is going well.

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