Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rant of the Day

I'm really getting sick and tired of some of the folks around here, and their driving habits. I have no problem when drivers can't move over to far due to oncoming traffic but, when they refuse to slow down, that just pisses me off. My wife and I run throughout Wynne. Sidewalks are not readily available on most of the streets we run on. However, we make every attempt possible to stay as close to the side of the road as possible. The speed limit on the majority of the roads is 30 MPH. We had several vehicles exceeding that by at least 10 MPH and refusing to get over. I understand, we're pedestrians out on the road but, I promise you, hit one of us and you'll be at fault. Until they decide to put sidewalks throughout, learn to share the road. Quit being selfish idiots. In fact, join us for a run and maybe you'll learn what it's like to share the road. Ok, I'm done for now. Have a great day everyone. And for those of you who slow down, move over and do share the road, I thank you.

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BobR said...

Rant away Cuz! Anyone who is a runner knows exactly what you're talking about. I run into the same thing where I run most of the time. Most drivers are respectful and will move left when they can. But others seem to want to play a game of chicken. Just remember, they may be at fault, but you'll lose the physical battle, so be safe!