Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trying to make a difference

I've always wondered how I could help make a difference. I run so many miles, race in different races, and try to encourage others to join in on this fitness craze. Still, never felt that was enough. When Mom was battling heart disease, I decided to run the Little Rock marathon and chose to raise money for the American Heart Association. I set a goal of $500. Since this was my first attempt at fund raising, I didn't want to set my goal to high as I was afraid it wasn't attainable. Fortunately, I have some awesome family members and friends who donated and pushed me over my goal by $100. Now that rocks!!

Well, thanks to a good friend of mine, Tony Brake, I have found another way to help fight this dreaded disease. I am now signed up to help fight cancer. My Father-in-Law, Raymond Albrecht, passed away in June of 2006 after fighting cancer. He fought the good hard fight. Unfortunately, he lost the battle. Many of my friends have lost loved ones to cancer. Or, they currently have loved ones fighting the good hard fight.

Many of those fighting this fight would much rather be out running, as we do, than having to deal with this. So, for them, let's help find a cure for this and make the world cancer free. Please help me in this fight.

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