Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Hope everyone is doing well this week. Sounds like the weather is finally cooperating in a lot of areas. I see some fellow Dailymile runners, up in Ohio were dealing with some colder conditions at the beginning of the day. However, the sun is shining and everyone is heating up. Gotta love the determination of our running circle. Some look outside and say, "I think I'll skip today's run. It's too hot (or cold)." I have seen pictures of our running circle involving iced over beards and ski masks to make it through a winter run. I have seen sweat drenched runners, with some really cool tan lines around their ankles, eyes, necks and the famous ipod tan line. Now that's dedication. All the while, folks driving by in their cars, looking at us like we have lost our freaking minds. Oh yeah, we can't forget those who are injured and refuse to let it stop them from achieving thier goals. Some injuries would keep the average person from going back to running while these friends did everything they could to get back on the road and complete the goals they set out to accomplish in the beginning. That's determination.

Which leads me to another issue. Runners have to take advantage of whatever area they can get to run. Some towns are without sidewalk so, we must run in the road. Now, I don't know about you all but, when we run, we stay as close to the side of the road as we can. This way, we can share the road with motorists and potentially stay safe. Some motorists are very curtious by slowing down, getting over, or coming to a complete stop until they are able to pass safely. Then you have those who feel it is funny to try to scare you, or see how close they can get to you with their vehicles. It's all fun and games until someone gets knocked out of their running shoes. Just pass on to your motorist friends, share the road please. I know plenty of motorcycle riders who share our grief. Maybe, collectively, we can put the awareness out there. More and more folks are running on our roads. Let's make it safe to do so.

I hope you all enjoy your Cinco de Mayo. Happy running everyone. Keep your eyes open and mouths closed. Bugs get in easier when you don't. :)

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