Monday, May 9, 2011

Training Update

Training for the Jonesboro Marathon is still in progress. We are less than three weeks out from the race and the temps are heating up here in Arkansas. Some locals are predicting 90+ temps for the day of the race. I know Sunday's run was in the 80s, with 77% humidity. And I only ran 18 miles that day. I was able to stay below a 9:00 pace but, it sure wasn't easy. I'm just going to continue to get my training runs in, outside, as much as possible. Next Sunday's long run calls for a 20 miler. I may have to stay close to home for this one just so I can stash cold water along my route. We freeze our water bottles to help maintain cold water. Unfortunately, this ice melts off rather quickly in this type of weather.

One good thing is the Jonesboro Marathon will be starting at 7:00 am. That will hopefully help beat some of the heat. That has been a big mistake lately. Not getting out there to run before 10:00 am. You'd think I'd be smarter than that but, nope. Dropped the ball in that area. One thing for sure, I'm on vacation this week so, no excuses on getting out there early and testing the early A.M. temps. No matter the temps, this will be my 8th marathon and my goal is to finish. I will not be hard on myself for running slower than I planned. I will accept whatever I run and consider it an accomplishment either way. Finishing is the reward. Stay safe everyone. Stay hydrated as well. Take your salt tabs if necessary. :)

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