Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Run

This was supposed to be my last long run before the race on Saturday. Only calling for an 8-mile run. However, storms have rolled into the Mid South again. Thus, preventing me from running outside at the moment. I know, a little rain never hurt anyone but, when there is lightning involved, I draw the line.

The extended forecast is calling for a high of 79 on race day. Lows being in the low 60s. Hoping it stays true to that, maybe even drop several more degrees during the race. Everyone's biggest concern is the heat and humidity that come along with living here in Arkansas. So, going to spend most of the week ensuring I'm well hydrated. :)

Got our group run in at Village Creek State Park on Saturday. We had 7 runners show up. Again, storms had rolled through the night before so, I think that scared a few of them off. Well, we fought long and hard with the bull gnats out there. They were ridiculous. Like Jody had said, we were lucky we weren't carried away by them. Still, got in a great 4-miler with Deb. She ran a sub 9-minute pace for the 4-miles. Her first at sub 9. She's getting faster and faster.

Well, have a great week everyone. We have the Law Enforcement Torch Run this Weds. I don't think I'm going to run the whole thing this time. Especially with it only being 3-days out from the race. Should have a good showing from SORT and DCT though. Always a good time.

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