Friday, May 13, 2011

Today's Run

My goal for today was to run 7-10 miles. Knowing I have a 20-Miley scheduled for Sunday, I had even contimplated not running at all today. However, this being the three month anniversary of my Mom passing away, I needed to do something. I know, some folks say, "Let it go." Unfortunately, I can't let it go. I've dealt with a lot of tough situations in my life but, I'm having a hard time letting her go.

My Mom passed away at 12:05 am on Feb 13th. I was driving back to my Sister-in-Law's house when I got the call. We knew Mom didn't have long as she was in a hospice during that time. Still, you're never prepared for that call. I got off my butt and went for a 12.05 mile run, in memory of my Mom. During this run, I thought of different things with my Mom. I remembered the good times and some bad. Mom has always been there for me. She always did what she thought was best, and whatever she could do.

Mom, we love and miss you greatly.

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